Lakeland Park Beautification Initiative

The purpose of the Association is to promote and protect the quality of life, safety, and access to community property (i.e. Neighborhood Park at 12923 On the Lake Road)

The Subdivision Park is suffering from extensive erosion, is in need of general maintenance and a number of improvements. The Park is also in need of security measures to maintain its status as a private park for the enjoyment of Lakeland Park Subdivsion Property Owners and POA members.

The Case: POA leadership has recently learned of measures in the immediate area that will reduce lake access for Steiner Ranch residents in the neighborhood. There are also rumblings that Travis County may be planning to set up a "fee for access" situation at the public boat ramp at the end of Quinlan Park Road. In addition, it has been observed by numerous residents that the Lakeland Park Subdivsion Park is being used by persons who are living outside the area. The POA is concerned that such use (and the potential for increased use by non-residents) is contributing to wear and tear on the park with no recourse to recoup funds necessary to perform regular maintenance and make improvements for neigbhorhood residents.

Next Steps...

Please consider making a donation to support your community and this wonderful asset. Without your help, our most coveted property will not be protected and could affect not only your quality of life, but your property values.

Select from one of these Monthly Donation Plans:

Level 1 (Supporter) Plan: $25/month
Level 2 (User) Plan: $30/month
Level 3 (Believer) Plan: $50/month

Make a one-time donation:

One-time Donation

Thank you to the following members for their donations:

  • Jay Chowning, $900
  • Terri Piel, $900
  • Clifton Chowning, $600
  • Roger Huth, $600
  • Tommy & Naomi Bludworth, $625 (annual plan)
  • Suzanne McCalla & Traci Garlington, $380 (annual plan)
  • Kelly McDaniel, $200
  • Carol Benesh, $120 (annual plan)
  • Victor & Phylis Sanchez, $150
  • John & Joan Kohler, $100
  • David Gould, $100
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